A to Z of Balconies – Évora in Portugal

Évora is an interesting city and has a busy history. The Romans conquered it in 57 BC and built the first walled town. During the barbarian invasions Évora came under the rule of the Visigothic king Leovigild in 584. In 715, the city was conquered by the Moors and during this period the town slowly began to prosper and developed into an agricultural centre with a fortress and a mosque.

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12 responses to “A to Z of Balconies – Évora in Portugal

  1. Too bad not well kept of what is a nice architecture feature in our homes.


  2. Love that header photo of the boys on the balcony 🙂 🙂


  3. I have a feeling the Portuguese Travel trade won’t be lining up to employ you as PR photographer! Great images of neglected architecture but so sad to see it. I wonder if they’ll do as we so often do here, just pull it down because it would cost too much to repair. I hope not. Maybe Jo will start a petition.


  4. They have definitely seen better day, but I like the air of decay.

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  5. A photographers delight, not so great for the locals…..

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  6. I too am drawn to the dilapidated, so picturesque but sad. Nice shot of the silhouettes in the balcony.

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