On This Day – Vaporetto Ride to Burano

The vaporetto on the Grand Canal beats too, softly as a human pulse, faltering and renewing itself after every hesitation which marks a landing stage.”  –  Lawrence Durrell, ‘Bitter Lemons of Cyprus’.

Along with Riga in Latvia I have visited the Italian city of Venice more than any other. On 5th April 2005 I took a water taxi ride on the Venetian Lagoon from Venice to Burano…

Burano is situated seven kilometers from Venice, a short forty minute trip by Venetian public transport motorboats called Vaporetto. We waited at a stop on the Grand Canal and when one arrived waited for the boatman to secure it and then invite us to go on board and climbed to the upper deck where there was a good view of the city and the other islands.

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12 responses to “On This Day – Vaporetto Ride to Burano

  1. I don’t know if anywhere is more beautiful, Andrew 🙂 🙂

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  2. Great reflections!

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  3. You do reflections so well

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  4. Riga and Venice – interesting bedfellows

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  5. One that I never did….. Some great images, Andrew

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