A to Z of Balconies – Hallstatt in Austria

In 2007 we took a train ride from Salzburg to the nearby village of Hallstatt. I liked it immediately. The village was thoroughly charming and I was straight away prepared to accept its claim of being the most attractive village in Austria

The village is set on piles driven into the lake with an intricate system of intersecting timber ramps, butresses and ascending terraces like hanging gardens creating an air of mystery and the eeriness of mirage, a village that seems to be almost lost in the middle-mist of folklore and fable. The mountain flanks rise sheer from the lake, leaving no room for a road and all but the smallest of vehicles are prohibited from entering the centre of the village.

We walked through streets with houses sometimes built into the mountain, sometimes hanging on to the mountain and at other times on top of the mountain and on the other side they were built right up to the edge of the lake.

28 responses to “A to Z of Balconies – Hallstatt in Austria

  1. It’s a delightful place


  2. Nice mountain shot there !

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  3. I really like that part of the world. When you were there, was Hallstatt full of Chinese visitors? It was for us…and there is a completely bizarre story behind it. Did you uncover that story too?


  4. I agree! It’s a lovely place 🙂 🙂


  5. How lovely. I have a game that involves guessing where your next balcony will be (well, it is still almost-lockdown …). I wonder if I’ll be right? I wasn’t today!


  6. Absolutely beautiful


  7. A good advocacy. Perhaps the lack of room for vehicles is the secret


  8. It´s a must see when visiting Austria. We loved it!


  9. I’ll vote that your best balcony yet.


  10. That’s a really pretty one! None of that dilapidation stuff for the Austrians. The view’s not too shabby either.

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  11. what a beautiful place!

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