A to Z of Balconies – Jurmala in Latvia

After breakfast we took a mini-bus taxi to the seaside town of Jurmala, which was another bargain at only 15 Lats.  It was a sunny morning and we walked through some houses in various states of disrepair and renovation towards the beach.  The houses were fascinating, mostly made of timber and in contrasting styles that suggested that the owners had had fun building them in a competitive way each determined to eclipse the efforts of their neighbours.

These were once grand seaside villas accommodating only the most wealthy Russians who used to like to come here for their summer holidays and we were relieved to see that thankfully many were being restored, rather than being demolished to make way for modern structures.  The town has an official list of four hundred and fourteen historical buildings under protection, as well as three thousand five hundred wooden structures.  Sadly, we were told that every so often there is an unexplained fire, the historic building disappears only to be removed by a modern building.


16 responses to “A to Z of Balconies – Jurmala in Latvia

  1. Yes, unexplained. Who knows how fires start; magic, maybe.

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  2. They must be a lovely sight 🙂 🙂


  3. a rollercoaster ride now going to the cold north!


  4. Well, I certainly didn’t get ‘J’. ‘K’ could be even more of a challenge.


  5. A shame about the fires


  6. What a fantastic experience- did you peek inside any of them?


  7. Glasgow seems to be quite prone to these mysterious fires too. Very odd.


  8. I think I’ve mentioned before that we too visited Jurmala; it was interesting to see an attractive Russian legacy rather than the usual ugly austere buildings.

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