Monday Washing Lines – Fes in Morocco


Welcome to my latest theme. Monday Washing Lines.

This rooftop washing line I spotted in Fes in Morocco…

The clothes now wave that hang upon

the tired old line that stretches from

a leaning pole to a rusted hook

left here now for folk to look.

Every garment pegged and spaced

each shirt and sheet carefully placed

along the line the stockings run

until they dry in the scorching sun.


21 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Fes in Morocco

  1. Great poem, Andrew.


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  3. Gr eat poem, and plentiful washing, mine’s rather sparse:


  4. That’s excellent! It rhymes and scans very well. Real poetry, not just prose written on separate lines.


  5. good poem goes well with the washing lines !

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  6. Well, not just a washing line connoisseur, but a poet too! Is there no end to your talents? Great post!

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  7. A new coupling, Andrew. We3ll done.

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  9. Impressive Andrew! You are a talented lad. Now I am wondering whether I captured any washing in Morocco. But I’d have to look in the photo box as it was pre-digital. Meantime I am back in Venice:

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  12. They had been busy!
    And a great poem to go with it, Andrew.

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