Monday Washing Lines – Villajoyosa in Spain


Welcome to my latest theme. Monday Washing Lines.

I liked this one for the way the colour of the washing compliments the shades of the building.

Villajoyosa is a wonderful place, an ex-fishing town, now a Spanish holiday resort of coloured houses with twisted rusting balconies with rattan blinds decorated with overloaded washing lines and pot plants gasping for water, all looking longingly out to sea. It reminded me of Burano in Venice, Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera and of Milos in the Greek Islands.

It is a Challenge. Do feel free to join in…

54 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Villajoyosa in Spain

  1. But doesn’t that single pink peg distress you?


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  3. How on earth did Margaret spot the pink peg? Until I enlarged the image I only saw shades of blue and dazzling white.

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  4. When I need some tips I will come to you on washing lines ::)


  5. What impresses me is the multiple shades of blue in the wall. Streaks and lines and patches every which colour!


  6. This is such a nice shot, Andrew! Can’t get away with anything with that Margaret 🙂 🙂 No washing out here today…thunder and lightning and the odd beefy shower.


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  9. I didn’t carry a camera then but I can still see the washing on lines stretching from one side of the street to another up five or six floors in Naples.


  10. What a beautiful blue. I have something for you today, on its way very soon!


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  12. I enjoy this series, but this is also a fabulous image … the white clothes, a brilliant blue, the light …. wonderful, Andrew!


  13. I thought I was coming to an end when I spotted a washing line closer to home yesterday which might appeal to you. I have a couple more from Venice first though. I have a feeling this one will appeal to you.

    Monday Washing


  14. Forgot to say that I like yours. It actually looks like a painting. I wouldn’t hate this on my wall.


  15. oh wow! that is some blue building. but i see the tiny pink peg in contrast. good one! here is mine again from the Philippines.


  16. And it reminded me of trips to Villajoyosa from Benidorm in days gone by but the houses were not so brightly painted then.


  17. That’s quite the paint job, Andrew. Looks like they added color to white wash. –Curt


  18. I popped over here from Anabel’s Glasgow Gallivanter blog. I had never heard of your challenge and I’m so glad to make its acquaintance. What a terrific theme!


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  21. A pink rebel!
    But what a stunning blue.
    Here’s mine, from one of the similar places you mentioned; Burano.

    Another washing day on Burano


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  23. Hi


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