Monday Washing Lines – Valletta in Malta


Welcome to my new project – Washing  Lines

The five best places to find washing lines for photo opportunities are Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Malta.

This one is from Malta, Valletta I think although I cannot be absolutely certain…

Clearly it was trousers, jeans and tracky bottoms washing day.  I can’t help noticing that they have been hung to dry inside out, I imagine this is so they don’t bleach in the sun

My only other observation is that personally I would have hung them from the bottoms and then the waist band would dry quicker that way.

Like this…

It is a Challenge.  Do feel free to join in.

47 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Valletta in Malta

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  2. That’s a good idea to hang it that way from the bottom haha. Here is mine for today.


  3. No. I would still hang them from the waist. The other way means you would need to iron the cuffs.

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  4. ahh hard to get away from a habit, back to washing lines lol!

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  5. I hate things hung from the bottoms, practical though it may be 🙂 🙂 Some people always wash and iron things inside out. I suppose with logos and things on t-shirts it makes sense. Funny lot, aren’t we?

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  7. Since many many years I use dryer… The washing line is from Portugal:

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  8. Yup, we hang everything outside to dry here in Spain. Always inside out for the very reason you mentioned. Great Malta pictures.


  9. Good to see the Maltese hang their washing outside, and I agree with the reason for inside out! Here’s mine, another from Lucca….all socks and pegs,


  10. Seriously? My pet hate is trousers hung from the bottom. They are so much easier to iron, or better still avoid ironing hung from the waist. You haven’t got the job, you’ll be relieved to hear.


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  12. Beautiful Malta. And I’m in another classic washing line city this week – Havana:


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  14. You keep changing how you do your link so mine doesn’t work until I edit my post!

    Monday Washing

    As for hanging jeans inside out, I do it that way so that the pockets dry. Same with any jimjams with pockets. And hanging from the bottom is just so wrong!


    • I am not deliberately changing things so I blame WP.

      This hanging which way debate seems rather like which way do you eat cream scones – Devon style or Cornwall.


      • No, it is the way you name the posts – most are Monday-Washing-Lines-10 (or 11 or 12) but occasionally you use the name of the place as today with Malta. I schedule my posts so take a punt on what link you will use 😂


      • I think I have the answer. I call all the posts Monday Washing Lines but because I have duplicated the title WordPress assigns a number to differentiate, In future I will add a location to avoid that duplication. Thanks.

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  15. quite unusual to hang from the bottoms. works well for pants don’t need ironing i guess! small laundry for me today:


  16. Definitely got to be hung bottoms to the top.


  17. Good bit of social history


  18. Shame about the red pair! Needs another red pair at the opposite end for balance. On the great inside out debate, I’m all for it, both to protect the side you wear out and to dry pockets quicker. In hanging from the waist or the trouser bottomed, I’m for trouser bottoms. The waistband is the thickest part,
    And holds more water which will take ages to drain through the garment if you have it at the top, ironing? What’s that?

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  19. Reading about ironing, Andrew, pants that require ironing don’t make it into our household. 🙂 –Curt


  20. I have a Valletta washing post lined up, too! Sadly, there are many mish-mashes of random clothes hung any which way.


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  22. Wasn’t going to comment but then when I saw all the aspersions caste on ironing just had to jump in! I love ironing, especially with lavender linen spray – like an aromatherapy session 😂


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