A to Z of Statues – C is for Tommy Cooper

When I was at Cardiff University in 1972 to 1975 I used to regularly take the train on the Welsh valley line to nearby Caerphilly. I used to like Caerphilly, especially the castle.

I didn’t know then that it was the birthplace of the comedian magician Tommy Cooper who was born there in 1921.

Hands up if you knew Tommy Cooper was born in Wales.  Overseas readers are excused the exercise.

After leaving University I didn’t return to Caerphilly until I visited the town with my travelling pal Dai Woosnam in 2016, We weren’t looking for Tommy Cooper especially but came across his statue. Actually we were looking for a landmark commemorating another famous Welshman with an association with the town – Guto Nyth Brân.

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20 responses to “A to Z of Statues – C is for Tommy Cooper

  1. Did not know Tommy Cooper was Welsh

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  2. You might not be able to travel, but you’ll never run out of good yarns 😉

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  3. I thought he was born in Fez

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  4. I saw Tommy Cooper many many years ago at “The Talk Of The Midlands” club in Derby. Truly one of the funniest nights of my life: the man was hilariously good.


  5. He was almost a hero of mine, but no, I had no idea where he was born, Andrew. Brought up there too, or do you go on to explain that in the post? 🙂 🙂 Happy Saturday! With the grandkids?


  6. Nope didn’t know this! And wow an AtoZ of statues, that’s a challenge!


  7. My hand remained down.


  8. I didn’t know either, but I do now- just like that!


  9. This is news to me.

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