A to Z of Balconies – Ronda in Spain

It took about an hour to reach Ronda, which is one of the pueblos blancos (white towns) so called because they are whitewashed in the old Moorish tradition. It also happens to be one of the most spectacularly located towns in Andalusia sitting on a massive rocky outcrop straddling a precipitous limestone cleft in the mountains. It is a town of balconies with metal grills that spill over with flowers.

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11 responses to “A to Z of Balconies – Ronda in Spain

  1. Still on the list, Andrew. Next year, maybe…. 🙂 🙂


    • It is close enough for you Jo.
      How is covid travel right now in Portugal? It is really messy and confusing in UK.


      • I think I want to do Cadiz more, but travel doesn’t feel as comfortable as it once did. I have friends who went to Jerez this week and I was surprised. The border with Spain is barely just open and I’m in no hurry to go over there. Having said that there are lots of them come in this direction because it’s cheaper here, so perhaps it makes sense. 🤣💕 We’re going to Aljezur at the weekend so I’ll have a better feel for it then. People are mostly still quite cautious.


      • Cadiz is high on my list also.

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  2. these are lovely!


  3. I do so like those curved grills, what I would call burglar bars. Not balconies. I imagine they are used in hot climates so you can leave a window open, but prevent anyone climbing through!


  4. Another town I never got to!


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