A to Z of Statues – D is for Domenico Modugno

In the centre of the Italian town of Polignnao al Mare is a tall statue of a man with arms theatrically outstretched as trying to attempt flight and this turned out to be the singer/songwriter Domenico Modugno who is perhaps the most famous son of Polignano who after a career in show business went on to become a member of the Italian Parliament.

Domenico who? I hear you ask. Well, let me tell you that Domenico is renowned for writing and performing what is claimed to be the most famous, most copied, most successful ever Eurovision Song Contest entry (even beating ABBA) and most lucrative in terms of revenue, Italian popular music songs of all time.

Think about it…have you got it…

“Nel blu dipinto di blu” or most popularly known as “Volare”

Quite by chance today is Eurovision Song Contest Day.

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11 responses to “A to Z of Statues – D is for Domenico Modugno

  1. Uh . . . you sure you got the name right?


  2. Radical party member I heard him first at the varadero international festival in cuba many neons ago!


  3. Even I can remember the words after all these years!


  4. I’m singing it in my head already! I’ll be humming it out loud soon and disturbing my husband.


  5. earl cornelio necor



  6. earl cornelio necor

    Yeah very nice

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