Monday Washing Lines – Portugal, Porto


Welcome to my new Project – Washing Lines

I spotted this lady pegging out her washing in Porto in Portugal.

Over the years I suspect that she has lost garments falling into the street below so she now takes the sensible precaution of the addition of an extra peg for each item. She probably can’t afford to lose her washing because (according to Eurostat) Portugal is the nineteenth poorest country in the European Union (out of twenty-seven) and easily the poorest in Western Europe.

This woman on the other hand didn’t have any washing to hang out, maybe because it has all blown away as she didn’t know the three peg trick…

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It is a challenge, feel free to join in.

31 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Portugal, Porto

  1. Living in a windy spot I frequently need to use the three peg trick. My days of chasing underwear across a field are well and truly over!

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  2. I don’t think the three peg lady is using Persil. Talk about “Fifty Shades of Grey”.


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  4. Looking at some of the entries in your project, I’m grateful I have a washing machine and a dryer, particularly with the amount of washing my beloved husband generates.


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  6. Oh, Andrew, that’s mean….I hope she didn’t see you taking photos of her underwear …..Anywway, here’s mine:


  7. Thanks for my Monday smile, Andrew! Have a great day 🙂 🙂


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  9. Hah ha! The three peg method is a handy tip – thanks, Andrew.
    My washing is looking a bit lonely today:


  10. This series is now well established


  11. Looking at the size of the …. ahem….. items on that line, if they’d caught the wind, it may have been some time and distance before they returned to Earth!


  12. Those are some very substantial stalls! The other woman is what we’spd call a windae hinger. Just habpnging out fir a gossip.


  13. Hmm, a few excess letters there! My WordPress comment box has acquired a sort of folded in on itself character and I can’t see what the hell I am typing!


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  15. Interesting challenge
    Thank you


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