People Pictures – Stubborn Occupation

When it comes to taking pictures I like doors, statues, balconies and washing lines, Kim on the other hand likes people pictures so I thought I might share a few of them with you.

This one was taken in the resort town of Paphos in Cyprus…

From our hotel a lot of the two mile walk into Paphos was completely dull and uninteresting, a strip of charmless grey car hire offices, car parks, travel companies, estate agents, every so often an Irish Pub and a modern but unfortunate McDonald’s restaurant. There is always a McDonald’s restaurant.

I thought that you might need some McDonalds facts here. There are eighteen McDonalds in Cyprus and that is about one per 47,000 population, roughly the same as the UK. For comparison USA and Australia have a restaurant for about every 25,000 and the highest in Europe is Andorra with one for every 15,000. Iraq has only one restaurant for its population of forty million, I don’t know whether to sympathise with them or congratulate them.

Closer to the harbour and the older sections of the town there was a more interesting mix of history and styles.

As we walked we strayed away from the main streets into backstreet areas where some people hang to the past like stubborn barnacles clinging to a rock. Houses from the past which take up space that modern developers would love to get their hands on but people will obviously not give them up easily. Mostly old people of course and I imagine that once they have gone their families will happily sell up and cash in.

This elderly couple were managing what I would describe as an urban smallholding.

21 responses to “People Pictures – Stubborn Occupation

  1. He looks a bit of a salty sea dog, Andrew. I never did get to Cyprus. I wonder how they’re faring now? 🙂 🙂


  2. That first photo is a great catch – really atmospheric. So much so that you find yourself wondering about who he is, what’s his story, what does he make of the modern day Paphos?


  3. Great image, that first one


  4. More good work from Kim. That first one is particularly sensitive and full of interest


  5. I do like Kim’s photos. Interesting facts about McDonalds I’m glad you included them.


  6. You ought to do people shots more often Andrew. Yours are full of atmosphere.


  7. I’m with Kim when it comes to getting people in my photos, but I do feel awkward sometimes trying to shoot without their noticing.


  8. They look as though they have hard lives.


  9. “I imagine that once they have gone their families will happily sell up and cash in.” Sad but very likely true, Andrew.
    Our kids in Florida are in the process of buying a home from an elderly lady. Like everywhere els in America, prices are skyrocketing. The elderly lady really liked Cammie and Tony, however. She sold the house to them at the original asking price instead of at higher offers were being made. I can imagine her kids saying, “Are you crazy, Mom?” –Curt

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