Monday Washing Lines – Marrakech in Morocco


Welcome to my new project – Washing Lines

I spotted this one in Marrakech.

There is a real basic pegging out error here. Can you spot it?

Peg sharing! This is when one peg is used to secure two items of washing. It looks sloppy and untidy because in my opinion each item should be hung with two pegs (same colour of course) and completely separate from each other so that they dry properly. I would be ashamed to peg out like that.

It is a Challenge. Feel Free to join in.

30 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Marrakech in Morocco

  1. Just throw it in a dryer. Problem solved.

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    • There is no substitute for a washing line.

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    • Yeah, but you miss out on the sound of the pegs tumbling in the dryer. It’s like raindrops, only more solid.

      By the way, as WHEMT Volunteers we’ve already done more for the planet’s environment than most people. Indulging in a drier (and a big car, and other stuff) isn’t even coming close to offsetting our contribution.

      Besides, them pegs? … either wood or plastic (forests or oil) . . . how are they good for the environment. And rope? Do you know how many people are hurt by rope each year? Dangerous stuff. No, give me a dryer any day.


  2. I’m with disperser on this one.


  3. Thank goodness you’ve never seen my Portuguese washing line!


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  5. Sometimes it is necessary because you have too much laundry and/or not enough pegs. I prefer the dryer.

    Laundry in Bangkok


  6. You’re right, the pegging is poor but that’s not a bad bright white that’s been achieved there.


  7. I think you’re with me, Andrew. Dryers are an abomination to the True Washing Line Disciple, and more importantly, to the environment. And I had spotted the error in this particular line before you told us. I don’t think we should be too hard on the washer-person, though. Babies DO produce so much washing.

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  8. Mom would share the pegs but she didn´t have enough of them and we made a lot of washing for her! I however give each item its own two pegs, colour coordinated of course. No dryer here in Spain.

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  9. Ah, but sometimes Andrew, you simply run out of pegs!


  10. Aha! That left peg is a different colour I think! I’ll never have a drier….unkind to the planet


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  12. I got it before your explanation – the only excuse can be a shortage of pegs 🙂


  13. Enough that I spotted it was the ‘whites only’ washday.


  14. Your standards, as always, are exacting.

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  15. But it’s whiter than white 🙂 🙂


  16. In backpacking, Andrew, where every ounce counts, the fewer the pegs the better. In fact I tend to throw my clothes over bushes, trees, or rocks. 🙂 Rocks that have been in the sun are particularly good.They have been heated and help with the drying. 🙂
    As you have probably noted on my posts, I’ll be taking a break from blogging this summer. I will still put up and occasional post and check in on my blogging friends. I should be back to a regular schedule this fall, unless of course, I’m not. 🙂 –Curt


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