A to Z of Statues – G is for George Mainwaring

The statue of George Mainwaring (the actor Arthur Lowe) can be found in the Norfolk town of Thetford.

Arthur Lowe was one of the stars of the TV comedy Dad’s Army. It is set during the Second World War and is a story about the British Home Guard which was a amateur defence force army made up of local volunteers otherwise ineligible for military service either because of age (hence the name “Dad’s Army”) or by being in professions exempt from conscription. Their job was to defend Britain against a German invasion force of Panzer Tanks and battalions of crack Wehrmacht troops. This was most unlikely and is the real basis of the whole series of programmes.

The show called the fictional town they defended Walmington-on-Sea which was said to be on the south coast of England but it was actually filmed in Thetford in East Anglia.

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25 responses to “A to Z of Statues – G is for George Mainwaring

  1. A British Classic


  2. The whole family loved that one!


  3. I seem to remember one of my daughters, ‘doing’ WWII in Year Four at Primary School acquired most of her knowledge via this series. Probably entirely unhelpful.


  4. From what I read, Arthur Lowe got the part because in real life he was exactly like Captain Mainwaring. Do you remember him as Mr Swindley in Coronation Street?


  5. I took your second comment down because it was the answer!


  6. Ah, that good old classic


  7. Don’t tell him, Pike! Always my favourite line.


  8. And always good for a laugh The Australian Broadcasting Commission broadcast the shows a couple of times through. It is hard to find such good comedy now.


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  10. One of those comedies which still make you laugh now, all these years later. Not only stood the test of time but also has the ability to make you laugh twice at the same line


  11. Great character. The battle for supremacy between Mainwaring & Hedges was epic.


  12. Hodges. Hate spellcheck sometimes!


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