Monday Washing Lines – Burano, Venice


Welcome to my new Project – Washing Lines


It is a Challenge, feel free to join in…

30 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Burano, Venice

  1. An excellent picture with all those reflections ! Well done !


  2. Love the reflection in the water


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  5. Yep. Good project. I think I’ve mentioned my trip to Naples. Now I’d better go and have a look at Sue’s.


  6. Two for one – a washing line and one of your fine reflections


  7. What makes those reflections so good is the distortion. Great capture.

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  8. The washing is a bit sparse, but the reflections make the photo work.


  9. Beautiful. Love the reflection,painterly


  10. Lovely shot, Andrew. Great colours with matching washing


  11. Ooh! I love those colours. It took me back to my days in primary school when I used to colour everything in in red and blue. Definitely edible walls!


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