After The Rain Shower

“I’m just sitting watching flowers in the rain
Feel the power of the rain making the garden grow”

After a sudden sharp shower I rushed to the garden to photograph the raindrops…

Click on an image to scroll through the Gallery…

Trivia – In September 1967 the BBC launched a new popular music breakfast radio station called Radio 1, the first DJ was Tony Blackburn and the first song played was “Flowers in the Rain” by the Birmingham pop group The Move.


18 responses to “After The Rain Shower

  1. I remember the song well. The Move were not bad as a group and I think that Roy Wood, later a wonderful solo artist, was one of the original members, before he moved on to the Electric Light Orchestra and Wizzard.


  2. Liked the a!


  3. Photos of raindrops can be a good thing – sitting in my house on Midsummer’s Day with the heating on for an hour or two and lights on all day because it’s so dark is not so good. I think we’re getting some sort of payback for daring to have a good summer last year!


  4. Excellent gallery and interesting trivia


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  6. I love the rain drops on the plants 💧


  7. Well done. These are refreshing to view when we’ve just had two very hot and dry days. Good luck on the trip. I have booked a trip to Italy/Slovenia the end of August, and fingers crossed I won’t have to quarantine. The Covid tests you bought: is that part of the requirement for booking?


  8. Raindrops make such special images.


  9. One is blurred (intentional?) but otherwise, very nice captures.


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