A to Z of Balconies – West Yellowstone in USA

W has been a bit of a problem but I eventually came up with this one, taken in 1995 on a coach trip holiday of the National Parks of the USA..

After visiting Yellowstone National Park we stayed at the Stagecoach Inn in West Yellowstone, Montana which was a modern building built to a quaint design with wood panelled walls, paintings depicting the wild west, animal trophy heads and a piano in the bar that Dad had a less than melodic plonk on.  I liked this place and at the end of the fortnight was happy to declare it the best accommodation of the holiday.


22 responses to “A to Z of Balconies – West Yellowstone in USA

  1. If you are actually doing a complete A-Z, then West Yellowstone in USA will certainly count a W, a Y and possibly a U.

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  2. I have not stayed here but have been to it. It is very nice. A great picture!!

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  3. Can’t help noticing that your penchant for check shirts has spanned the years!

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  4. Well done. You should be OK for Y, too

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  5. Not a familiar are for me Andrew, but interesting!

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  6. Wow👍👍👍

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