Monday Washing Lines – Ribiera District in Porto


Welcome to my new Project – Washing Lines

Today I am back in Portugal, back in Porto where there is a pletora of washing lines.

the Ribiera district which used to be the commercial centre of Porto but is now an up market tourist centre with gaily coloured houses, quayside restaurants and the highest prices in the City.

The riverside apartments rise steeply from the pavement and the rusted iron balconies are permanently decorated with fresh laundry.

It is a Challenge, feel free to join in…

30 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Ribiera District in Porto

  1. phenomenal facts

    Nicely blogged.😁😁😁


  2. Beautiful portrait click.
    Love the building and the way cloths are displayed.


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  5. You’ve got a bit of a walk if you’re on the top floor and you drop a sock.

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  6. I never get enough of Portugal! Here’s mine, and there is a balcony:


  7. It’s a wonderful sight, Andrew. Not just yet awhile, though 🙂 🙂


  8. Porto is full of treasures. Love your shot – we should all remember to look upwards.


  9. Some of those balconies look a bit dodgy.


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  11. A great shot, Andrew, even without the washing. That’s a wonderful collection of doors and windows, so very Portuguese


  12. And I should have added that I have some poles rather than lines this week. But there are still some pegs!


  13. This is a beautiful shot. I like how you say they’re old apartments (rusted iron), but decorated in fresh laundry.


  14. What a terrific image, you did well here. I’d treasure that shot. In fact, have you thought of selling it to a magazine, seems to me more evocative of Porto than some I’ve seen.


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