People Pictures – Street Beggars

When it comes to taking pictures I like doors, statues, balconies and washing lines, Kim on the other hand likes people pictures so I thought I might share a few of them with you.

This one was taken whilst on a gondola ride through the back canals of Venice…

Begging is quite normal in Europe, I don’t quite know where I stand on it, I am certain some of it is based on genuine hardship and some is based on a scam.  I quite often hand over some loose change just to massage my conscience.

We had spent 100 euro on a gondola ride and she was asking for just a few cents.

I sensed this woman was genuine, she has the look of being genuine and I would have gladly tipped some coins into her collection cup but we were in the middle of a canal  and how was I to get it to her.  I felt guilty about that.

Some people however I would never give money to, like this pair of scammers in Oviedo in Northern Spain…


23 responses to “People Pictures – Street Beggars

  1. beautiful capture.
    Feel sad for the Street lady expression


  2. A difficult subject, Andrew. We have one scammer who’s been rolling around the town for years. I don’t know how he survives, but we just laugh and chase him off! Whereas in Vila Real the other day 2 or 3 young women were patrolling the cafés with their pushchairs. Hard to say no to a child, especially in these times.


  3. I would rather give my money to a trustworthy charity, like the Salvation Army, which assist the homeless. There is an older fellow who plays his accordion (badly) by our local grocery store, we do give him our loose change. He is always so appreciative.

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  4. Why do some individuals think that just because they exist, nicer people will give them money? I’m sure I remember having to work for all mine. Up at seven , out the house at half past, drive to work, prepare for the day etc.


  5. It’s hard to tell the genuine from the scammers


  6. And some of these people do not use the money given for good; so I give to charities not individuals.

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  7. Unfortunately, our opinion of those begging for money has shifted because of the scammers who aren’t genuine, and because we can’t distinguish one from the other, those in real need get treated like the scammers. If we could trust them, we’d surely be more generous.


  8. More good pictures from Kim. In London, of course, begging and scamming were rife. Finsbury Park underground had a regular mother and comatose child – the situation was the only regular aspect to it as one or the other of the pair changed daily.


  9. Ver difficult

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  10. I think we’re all agreed that we find it difficult to distinguish between the good and the bad. I do as everyone seems to do, donate as much as I feel I can to a charity that deals with the homeless and then give a few coins when I have them to the older beggars. I’m afraid I ignore the young and fit, especially those with a dog on a bit of string!


  11. excellent photos and it’s always hard to know who is legit and who is scamming, have to just follow my instincts


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