Monday Washing Lines – Shopping Bags and Table Cloths


Welcome to my new Project – Washing Lines

Another picture from Porto.  When it comes to washing lines, if I was a gold miner in Ballarat, Porto is the equivalent of hitting the mother load.

This woman is lost deep in thought, I wonder what she is thinking about?

It is a Challenge, feel free to join in…

29 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Shopping Bags and Table Cloths

  1. Lovely shot!
    The lady and the cloths!
    The lady is wondering about something on the street below?


  2. Why’s that bloke taking a photo of me and my washing line?


  3. “Is my husband going to come back to me, and do I want him to anyway?


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  5. She isn’t very jolly, is she? 😕💕 All these b___ tourists!

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  6. She’s thinking, “if this laundry bag doesn’t dry in time, how am I going to do the next load of washing….”


  7. I can’t go shopping until that bag’s dry

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  9. How many more days of washing to come!
    Great shot, Andrew.
    I’ve got some colour for you today:


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  11. I think you meant the mother LODE


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  13. Well, here’s mine for today- a scene from Lucca 12 years ago:


  14. Deep thought or just annoyed at having to do laundry? Is anyone ever happy doing laundry?


  15. “what’s the meaning of life?”


  16. Aha! A portrait from you and not from Kim. This is a good one.


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