Monday Washing Lines – The Tannery in Fez

A very different sort of washing line this week…

This is Fez in Morocco, a tannery to be precise, hanging up in the sun are animal hides waiting for the dying process in the limestone vats below.

The price to pay for a rooftop view of the famous limestone dye pits was another difficult twenty minutes in a leather shop selling coats, jackets, slippers and bags. I didn’t think we were going to get out of there very easily but again Micky was our saviour when he negotiated the purchase of a belt and we were able to get away.

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16 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – The Tannery in Fez

  1. Was it smelly?

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  3. A whiffy washing Line!! Here’s my more salubrious one:

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  5. This is my last one. Now I have to dug deeper…

    Washing Line in Portugal

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  6. If you can stand the smell, those tanneries are actually fascinating places, especially if you get a good host who is willing to talk you through all of the processes, including the constituent parts of the different dyes. At one (Marrakech I think) they gave us a bunch of fresh mint to hold to our nose at the most odorous bits.

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  8. Very interesting washing today, Andrew. I’ve put a peg on my nose!
    I don’t think I took my photo on washing day:

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  9. My husband was actually overcome by the smell and we had to make a quick exit. He had an over-sensitive nose anyway, as I know to my loss, as one of my expensive perfumes had to be given away as it made him physically sick.

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  10. What a wonderful photo! It’s tempting me to go look at the original post for more.

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  11. Interesting but smelly! 😀

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