People Pictures – Mobile Phones

When it comes to taking pictures I like doors, statues, balconies and washing lines, Kim on the other hand likes people pictures so I thought I might share a few of them with you.

Kim it seems has a fascination with Greek Orthodox Priests especially when they are on the telephone.  I wonder who they were calling?

23 responses to “People Pictures – Mobile Phones

  1. I don’t like the look the first priest is giving you.


  2. My guess is they’ve called a utility company and have been waiting in a queue for three hours whilst a message on a reel uses the pandemic as an excuse for crap service. Just a thought….


  3. First guy’s definitely had a rough life! 😆 😆


  4. even mobile phone rings to heavens nowdays lol!


  5. Somehow the priests don’t quite look right with 21st century Tech


  6. I find these photos very captivating!


  7. On the phone talking to God, Andrew. 🙂 What else? –Curt


  8. These photos are so cool. I recall seeing nuns in Toledo with backpacks which I had to take a picture of.


  9. I don’t know why … but for some reason I didn’t associate a priest with a cellphone 😊. But hey, why not – they also need to call someone at some time!
    I love photo’s with people’s faces, but somehow I just can’t do it properly … tell Kim she’s done an excellent job!

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