Monday Washing Lines – The Greek Island of Corfu

I am coming to the end of this project now.  This one is from Corfu in the Greek Islands…

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12 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – The Greek Island of Corfu

  1. Nicely colourful, Andrew! You’ve made the best of this series.


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  3. You can’t do this to me Andrew. You probably think I went to Spain to be with my new granddaughter and her parents. Well, just maybe. But I also made it my business to collect an armoury of washing lines … just for you.


  4. I shall be sad to see the washing lines go even though I only had one to contribute. But I’m sure you’ll come up with another set of intriguing photos.


  5. Oh no, balconies and washing lines both bowing out! What will you think of next?


  6. Oh, sad, but all good things have to come to an end!

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