Monday Washing Lines – Barcena Mayor in Cantabria

My washing line project is drawing to a close, I have reached the end of the line and this is my penultimate picture.

A washing line on a balcony in Barcena Mayor in Cantabria in Northern Spain….

It is a Challenge, Feel Free to join in…


24 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Barcena Mayor in Cantabria

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  2. This is my last washing line. It was a great challenge. What will be your next project?


  3. The problem is that you need to have taken the photographs in the first place,. “Bus stops” would make a good one and so would public loos, but if the photos aren’t there, you can’t do it. Why not just try comparing one place’s underground with another’s, or railway stations or taxis That might work.


  4. You’ve dug out some goodies, Andrew. My youngster arrived last night so I’m a happy bunny this week.


  5. I’m in Cantabria today too Andrew. But aagh. Finishing next week? I’ll have to do a mega washing line extravaganza for you. But I’ll be away, so I’ll have to link it back to this post. It’s a shame, I haven’t been able to join in for weeks, and suddenly, like buses, they all come at once.


  6. I do not thing will dry up inside there lol!


  7. This was a good series


  8. I shall miss these! Even though I only joined in once.

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  9. Ah very colourful….I haven’t necessarily run out of washing lines, just the energy to hunt them out from the archives 😧


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  11. I was also coming to an end – sad, as this was a fun challenge, Andrew.
    I’ll be back next week to see what everyone hangs out for the ultimate extravaganza.
    This week I’m in Zanzibar:


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