Monday Washing Lines – ROYGBIV

After six months of washing lines I have run out of pegs so after showing other people’s laundry I thought that I might finish with one of own…

Up above the streets and houses, rainbow climbing high

Paint the whole world with a rainbow.

Anyone remember this…

I had to sit through endless episodes  and videotapes of this with my children in the late 1980s.  My favourites were Rod, Jane and Freddy…

Well, Jane mostly.


27 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – ROYGBIV

  1. Good finish 🙂 what’s the next challenge 🤔


  2. Strangely topical actually, Andrew! In the last village (Delphi), there was a very large and very old stray dog struggling with the hot weather and usually laying in the shade. He had a very large sorrowful face….hence we christened him Bungle….


  3. Is it just me, or does that woman look a lot (and might be) Celine Dion?

    The guys certainly look weird . . . but that could just be the 80s. Although, no matter how I look at them, the hair, face, and foreheads all look out of proportion.

    . . . must be a British thing . . .


  4. Mmmmm, Jane….. She certainly looks ‘armless enough.

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  5. Yay! Zippy! I was singing along from the very off, Andrew. And somebody has a very colourful life. Great series!


  6. That’s very clever Andrew, and a fitting finish to a fun challenge. Here’s mine …


  7. Excellent. Fortunately I escaped that series


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  10. Oh, very good! And I found one last one: i


  11. A beautifully colourful line to finish off the series.
    And yes, I do remember Rainbow but it fell between my own childhood and the arrival of my daughter so I did’t see much of it.
    Anyway, thanks for the challenge, Andrew – it was a great way to kick off a Monday morning.
    Here I say goodbye post:


  12. You could have at least removed the creases to make them look washed!


  13. I remember Rainbow very well. My five children were born within an eighteen-year period, we began with Magic Roundabout but most of the children’s programs from the seventies, eighties, and nineties are etched in my memory. My favourites were Thomas the Tank Engine and Postman Pat.

    The first grandchild arrived in the year 2000 and for the first few years he lived with us and so we began all over again.


  14. Great finish. I see you are not afraid of wearing colours. ❤️


  15. Very colourful! Though the TV show was outside my timeframe, so I was singing I Can Sing a Rainbow in my best* Cilla Black voice.

    *read “absolutely rubbish”

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