People Pictures – Taking a Break

When it comes to taking pictures I like doors, statues, balconies and washing lines, Kim on the other hand likes people pictures so I thought I might share a few of them with you.

This one was taken on the Greek Island of Amorgos…

I imagine this woman was taking a well earned break after a morning of hard graft housework.

We took a ride out to the  Chora which cannot be seen from the sea or from the harbour but as we got closer we could see it above us like a fresh snow fall on top of a mountain.  From the outside it doesn’t look especially promising but once inside the walls of the town it is a different matter altogether.  The town turns in on itself in an introspective sort of way and inside there were narrow shady streets and lots of traditional cafés and tavernas where getting disorientated and lost is a certainty.

It was a lazy place where time goes by slowly and no one is in a particular hurry about anything.  If this was Naxos or Ios the Chora would have been teeming with shops and fast food places but this was a local town for local people and completely unspoilt by the retinue of tourist shops that can be found on more popular islands.

We explored the streets and in a very stiff breeze climbed to the very top to the redundant windmills that overlook the town and the Venetian castle that is built on top of a rocky outcrop that soars above it and its mass of dazzling white buildings.

On the way back we were ready for a second stroll through the Chora where we ambled through the corkscrew of twisting streets returning several times to exactly the same place passing by several churches, the castle, blue doors, blue sky, shady vines and friendly cafés and I knew that this was my kind of town.

The Chora is rather like a hippie time-warp, slow, lazy, faded and bleached, pot plants struggling in the midday sun and appropriately slow mood music in the tavernas and bars – it reminded me of a favourite pair of old denim jeans and my battered blue t-shirt that I am reluctant to throw away.

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The ambience is compounded by  cultural traditions. Village life retains a centuries old pace thanks in large part to the absence of motorised vehicles. Old men while away the afternoons sitting in the summer shade chatting.  The labyrinthine, narrow lanes are the province of donkeys and wooden carts. Displays of ripe fruit – tomatoes, figs, golden apples – stand outside the little stores, the local catch is brought into the harbour daily, the wine and the raki is plentiful, good and cheap.

As we wandered around an old lady dressed all in black asked for help negotiating some difficult steps and we naturally obliged and in return for our assistance she treated us to her life story and tales of Amorgian life.  Her name was Limonique and she told us that after sixty-five years of marriage she was now a widow so I guessed her age to be somewhere around eighty-five or so.



23 responses to “People Pictures – Taking a Break

  1. Sounds like my ideal place. I know many Greeks in Melbourne and they regualrly send a amount of money to their old folk back in Greece which is often enough to keep them going. Also, quite a few Australian Greeks who get a bit old but who have qualified for an Australian pension go back ‘home’ to the old village and live the good life. I’m a bit too old now, but it would have been good if a had an old village to go back to.


  2. Lovely story Andrew, what a beautiful name..Limonique
    Great photos too

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  3. Love the mermaid painted on the wall


  4. Keep ’em coming, Andrew. All these images are wonderful.


  5. Some real gems here. The man with the plant leaves in the foreground, and 6/11 from the gallery are my favourites


  6. I think I’ve met that man with the donkey in other parts of Greece – and maybe even that cat!


  7. Great stuff, sounds absolutely perfect, and all things being equal we will be there in about 12 days time. Our host on Chalki (the one I likened to Mrs Brown) was exactly the same kind of Greek lady as the one in your lead photograph. Your description just makes me more eager to get to Amorgos.

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  8. You lucky devils, or maybe I should say, you adventurous devils, as I haven’t got the nerve to travel outside of my own zone at the moment. Enjoy your trip and may all go well for you.


  9. Amorgos sounds idyllic. Shame about Ios though. I was there in the 70s when it was off the beaten track – no roads, no cars and the Chora was pretty much full of locals and a few backpackers.


  10. The image with the church cross and the windmill is my fave here. This was enjoyable all the way through.


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