The Odd One Out

Just in case anyone was interested it was this one…

29 responses to “The Odd One Out

  1. Did anyone guess correctly?


  2. There are some wonderful textures there, in the rusty objects.


  3. I think you might be left with the rope ::)


  4. Well, who’d a thought it? That wasn’t even on my radar.


  5. I shouda made a second choice so I could have boasted about being clever. But it was a very interesting puzzle.


  6. Teehee….no one guessed


  7. It’s no good just telling us the answer. What we want to know is how we could have worked it out. Proper feedback please.


  8. Should have gone with my gut instinct. An interesting puzzle. More please!

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  9. You definitely kept them guessing! Unfortunately I saw the answer first.


  10. You could call and see my brother in Newry! I haven’t seen him now for just over 2 years due to Covid. Anyway, hope you enjoy the trip.

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  11. What is this. Can you tell please

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