People Pictures – Village Square in Folegandros

When it comes to taking pictures I like doors, statues, balconies and washing lines, Kim on the other hand likes people pictures so I thought I might share a few of them with you.

This one was taken on the Greek Island of Folegandros…

What a fabulous island Folegandros is and completely relaxing and charming and in my top five list of personal favourites.

We first visited in 2007 and the village squares were colourful, vibrant and bursting with an eclectic energy that spilled into the streets from the balconies and terraces of the bars and restaurants.

It was an enchanting place with picturesque settings plucked straight from the pages of a travel book, pretty squares with restaurants under trees where visitors were struggling to make menu selections next to local people just sitting and talking and passing the evening away.

The streets were alive with friendly people and there was an unspoilt ambience that drew us down twisting side streets and through narrow alleys that led always to even more clusters of inviting tavernas that made choosing a dining venue very difficult indeed.  Eventually we selected a table at the side of the main square and we enjoyed excellent food and amused ourselves people watching as there was a constant stream of local people and holiday makers moving continuously through the pretty square.

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13 responses to “People Pictures – Village Square in Folegandros

  1. Your photos really capture Greek village life


  2. I like the first photo with its sense of movement. Sitting outdoors to eat in the evening is not something I do here, it never seems warm enough nowadays, plus there are always midges.


  3. Just read this quote today from Wim Wenders, film maker and photographer, “I’m a photographer of places, I practically never take portraits. I feel places talk about us, they tell us about ourselves. As a photographer, I become the listener”. Five of Wender’s large format photographs of Ground Zero are now showing at the Imperial War Museum as part of its 9/ll exhibition.


  4. It really looks a most inviting place, Andrew


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