A to Z of Statues – S is for Stan Laurel

There is a pub in Bishop Auckland in Durham called the Stanley Jefferson to commemorate the fact that Stanley Jefferson once lived in the town and attended the Grammar School there.

Stanley Who I hear you ask?  Well, Stanley Jefferson is better known to everyone as Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame.  There is a statue of him nearby on the site of a theatre that was once owned by his parents, long since gone of course.

I remember Laurel and Hardy from Saturday Morning Pictures at the Granada Cinema in Rugby where I lived as a boy.  They were my favourites then and they remain my favourites now.  Surely there has never been a finer comedy double act in entertainment history.

I have always taken some sort of patriotic pride from the fact that Stan was from England and was the comedy genious of the pairing.

True story… a few years ago I took my Mum to the cinema to see the Film ‘Stan and Ollie’ and as we left I asked if she had enjoyed it, ‘oh yes’ she said ‘I didn’t know that they were still making films’.  She was 85 years old and I was quite unable to offer an explanation that would have made sense to her.

There is a city in New Zealand called Auckland and a county in New South Wales in Australia.  They were both named in honour of George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland (1784-1849) who held the title but never visited the town (or New Zealand or Australia).

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22 responses to “A to Z of Statues – S is for Stan Laurel

  1. My favourites were Morecombe & Wise


  2. Haha that’s so funny Andrew, obviously it was a good job well done. They were my dad’s and brothers favourite duo, personally they never raised a smile from me. I prefer a more dry humour


  3. I agree with you. There’s no duo better than Laurel and Hardy, mainly because their comedy is totally visual, and remains hilarious to a Russian, a Mexican or a Turk. And you don’t need subtitles either!


  4. Bishop Auckland is a lovely town. I wonder how it’s faring now? There were big plans pre-Covid.


  5. One of my early favorite comedian, still with dvd about their films!


  6. It is such a long long time since I saw anything of theirs that I’ve completely forgotten any of their comedy antics.


  7. Fascinating statue, but a browbeaten stooge has never seemed funny to me


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