Odd One Out – Markets

Did you spot the odd one out?

According to my stats page a lot of you flirted with this one.

Well done Sheree, Sue and Margaret and Derrick who got it right but for the wrong reason.

European markets.  This is the odd one out because it was taken in Leicester in the UK and the UK is in Europe but sadly not in the EU.  All of the others are.

I was born in Leicester in 1954 and my parents lived quite close to the city centre.  I don’t remember much about it because we left when I was six but I do rather curiously remember the Leicester Market where Mum would go shopping maybe twice a week.  I never liked the place.

On my return journey to the city a couple of weeks ago I went looking for Lineker’s fruit and vegetable pitch,  Gary Lineker is/was a famous England footballer whose family worked the Leicester market.  I asked this man where it was and he burst out laughing.  “Been gone for twenty years he said” so, hiding my embarrassment  I asked him if I could take his picture instead and he happily obliged.

26 responses to “Odd One Out – Markets

  1. There was something about this picture that said ‘England’ to me. Maybe the fact that the strawberries are in plastic boxes, though that’s sadly increasingly true of mainland Europe too.

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  2. Well how’d you expect a colonial to know the difference.

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  3. hahaha a huge down on LIneker, at least did you asked him if played football? lol!


  4. I should have known that was the connection. Don’t think I’ve ever been to Leicester.


  5. Great story of the origin of the shot. I think you know I was born in Leicester in 1942


  6. Oh, well, can’t win them all. Or indeed any. My only connection with Leicester is that my middle son once used to DJ there in a nightclub and I once had to give him a lift to the venue (from Donny). One and only visit and in the dark!


  7. This would be a place I would love to see. Love this market.


  8. How fun is this. I love it even though I didn’t get the right one


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