A to Z of Statues – U is for King Umberto I of Italy

This one was taken in the City of Naples…

Umberto was king of Italy from 1878 – 1900 when he was assassinated by an American/Italian anarchist

This is an interesting but unlikely story about him..

One day he was eating in a restaurant when he noticed the owner was a near-exact physical double. It emerged that both were born on the same day, in the same town, and had married women with the same name. The restaurateur had opened his establishment on the day of Umberto’s coronation. Umberto was shot dead on the day he learned the restaurateur had died in a shooting.  His dad had no doubt been playing away.

Umberto was allegedly an uneducated man which led him to have the unfortunate nickname of Umberto the Simple.

Lots of Kings in history have been given unkind nicknames…

Read The Full Story Here…

10 responses to “A to Z of Statues – U is for King Umberto I of Italy

  1. Just as good to read the second time around


  2. In terms of great figures of history, I find it hard to look for a favourite beyond Seuleymann The Magnificent! (Spelling may be wrong). As far as unfortunate nicknames go, how about the footballer Adrian Heath – known throughout football circles as “Inchy” due to a certain part of his anatomy being extremely small…..


  3. and the kings are gone!


  4. What a bizarre coincidence


  5. Fascinating. There was a publican in Newark who was a dead ringer for Cliff Richard. The bar was adorned with photographs and drawings of the two. He was Spanish and had never heard of Cliff until he came here.


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