People Pictures – Fish Tales

When it comes to taking pictures I like doors, statues, balconies and washing lines, Kim on the other hand likes people pictures so I thought I might share a few of them with you.

This one was taken in the fishing port town of Vila do Conde in Portugal.  I like to think that this woman has a lot of fishy stories to tell.

Three fishers went sailing out into the West,
Out into the West as the sun went down;
Each thought on the woman who lov’d him the best;
And the children stood watching them out of the town;
For men must work, and women must weep,
And there’s little to earn, and many to keep,

Charles Kingsley

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13 responses to “People Pictures – Fish Tales

  1. I remember that post. Still don’t like baccala.


  2. I bet she does, Andrew. Wasn’t Charles Kingsley a jolly soul?

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  3. We’ve walked through Vila do Condo on our Portuguese Camino … and I remember how many times we’ve seen (especially) old woman sitting somewhere and watching the world go by. I have a picture of such a woman looking at us while we were passing her with our backpacks – and on her face I could also saw a few questions (think it was somewhere close to Coimbra) 😄.
    Love your photo!

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  4. I wonder if she’s thinking back over past times. One tends to do that more and more as the years roll by, don’t you find?

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  5. Both of these are great.

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