Doors of Leicester

The Museum Quarter in Leicester has some very fine houses and some grand doors.  It reminded me straight away of Dublin.

Click on an image to scroll through the Gallery…

16 responses to “Doors of Leicester

  1. Them be some pretty nice doors . . . interesting having the doorknob in the middle of the door. Was it that they couldn’t decide?


  2. Until I switched to gallery view I didn’t realise how many of these doors sported a central doorknob, I thought it was just the one door.
    Interesting having the left hand letterbox too.


  3. Door 07 is a stormer. It’s a pity those are only shadows and not part of a very druggy paintjob.


  4. Great doors. Though …. lime green? What were they thinking?


  5. Museum quarter?


  6. A popular theme of yours. Do you know I’ve never been to Leicester?


  7. A range that dispels my image of Leicester

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  8. I live in Leicester and have not seen or noticed any of these. It’s true what they say- we never really see the beauty of where we live until someone else points it out. Il be looking out for x


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