Doors of Greece

My last ‘Odd One Out’ Challenge turned out to be a bit easy so I am hoping that this one is a little more challenging.

Pictures of doors taken in Greece – which is the odd one out?

44 responses to “Doors of Greece

  1. Not a clue, Andrew, but I’m going for Athens 01 because it jarred with me., Love that AntiParos shot!


  2. Andrew I am going for no 2 it’s the only one without inlaid panels.


  3. It’s Amorgos 03 because it’s never ever been completely painted


  4. Amorgos 01, because all the other ones have two wings.


  5. I would say the Athens (the third photo, with the #9) for being the only one with glass AND a chained-up mail slot.

    Bonus, second choice: Anti Paros (#63) for probably not having a handle or lock (might be a window).

    Also, I’d never seen a Feta cheese plant before, so nice to finally see how they grow Feta.


  6. Not a clue, but I’m going for the last on because it has a screen


  7. Amorgos 3 as it is a gate into the garden and not a door into a building.


  8. Fabulous doors. I’m going with Number 4 – the only one with a letterbox ( I think).


  9. Excellent selection but I have no idea which is the odd one out


  10. I love photos of doors!

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  11. The third one because it has windows in it?


  12. Working backwards from new posts to old, I get to cheat, Andrew. So I know that even is odd. Great collection of doors, however. –Curt


  13. Hi Andrew, I think it might be number four, the one with the two plants at the side, it seems like a door that is of a ‘lived in’ place, lived in to date that is…. 🙂


  14. My first guess was the brown door, since all the others are green or blue. But since I’m late to the game, I saw the clue of the numbers, and then it was very easy to see which door was the “odd one out.” (You gave us another clue and I didn’t pick up on it till later) I quite enjoyed those numbers: how fun to have them hand-painted for each spot. Even the doors that seem to be too old and neglected to be used, still sport a number. Funny!


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