Doors of Greece – Odd One Out

The odd one out is the only door with an even number…


19 responses to “Doors of Greece – Odd One Out

  1. One has to look close.

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  2. Oh, so simple….

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  3. Sneaky! I didn’t even notice the numbers


  4. Given I am so far behind with blogs, I got both posts at once! Made it quite amusing reading all the wrong (but inventive) answers.

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  5. My favorite, Andrew was 281. I became intrigued by the wire that comes out one hole, went back into the door, and came out again at the bottom. –Curt


  6. Dear Andrew, this is an apology for having not looked at your blog for the last three weeks. I recently became a grandfather again and have been busy making an heirloom toy which I will show when it is finished. Now I am in the groove I will be more frequent that recently.


  7. Hahaha, never thought of that! Beautiful doors!

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  8. Anti Paros is my favourite photo of the bunch.


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