People Pictures – Mud Bath

When it comes to taking pictures I like doors, statues, balconies and washing lines, Kim on the other hand likes people pictures so I thought I might share a few of them with you.

This one was taken near Altinkum in Turkey, an age defying mud bath…

All around tthe Eastern Mediterranean there are all sorts of places that claim to be Cleopatra swimming pools and I for one am becoming rather sceptical about the claims.  In the days before Ryanair, high speed rail or motorways she seemed to be able to get around much easily than I imagine it really was possible two thousand years ago!

23 responses to “People Pictures – Mud Bath

  1. That pool has a lot of work to do . . .

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  2. I’m sure I’ve seen Miss Turkey fighting Godzilla.

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  3. Goodness, what a transformation – it’s hard to believe, she’s just had the 🎂telegram from the queen!

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  4. A fabulous shot. What a character.


  5. I think you’re right to be sceptical


  6. Underneath all that mud there may be a Sofia Loren. It is an age defying mud not a slimming mud! But I know where you’re coming from. I tried the one on Volcano Island (off Sicily) with dual properties, volcanic and age-defying, but sad to say that one didn’t work either.

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  7. Failed to work! And Cleopatra must have had double everywhere …..

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  8. A bit like Oliver Cromwell here – no, not Cromwell in a mud bath, but the fact that he seems to have “once stayed overnight” in an awful lot of places. Perhaps he was a travel blogger in his spare time (if he had any)

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  9. Or like “George Washington slept here.” Fabulous character at the mud bath, Andrew. I don’t think I would get in an argument with her. Must say, mud baths have never been my thing. A quick shower is fine. 🙂 –Curt

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  10. I can’t imagine taking a mud bath. Everytime I automatically rub water out of my eyes I would get gritty mud in them instead. As for the photo, Andrew, I would definitely have used a long distance lense.

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  11. I covered up in mud in the Dead Sea in Jordan not too long ago. I normally wouldn’t do it, but was travelling with a friend who talked me into it!


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