A to Z of Statues – Y is for W B Yeats

“In a year’s time when the newspapers have forgotten me, dig me up and plant me in Sligo.” – W.B. Yeats

This rather unflattering statue of the poet stands in the centre of the town of Sligo in Southern Ireland.

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12 responses to “A to Z of Statues – Y is for W B Yeats

  1. What a busy year that was for you, Andrew! I’d love to see some of that coastline but I’ve almost certainly missed the boat.


  2. I enjoyed this walk a lot, but couldn’t concentrate fully, what with wondering who on earth Z would be.


  3. Yeats is one of my favourite poets. I found him difficult when I was at school but how much sense he makes now!


  4. I suppose that statue means something to someone


  5. Looked up the Yeats statue out of curiosity, Andrew. Apparently, he is “wrapped in words.” –Curt


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