A to Z of Statues – Z is for Zeus

And so my A to Z of statues comes to an end.  Z is for a statue of the Roman God Zeus in the Piazza Navona in Rome…

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19 responses to “A to Z of Statues – Z is for Zeus

  1. Zeus holding his big stick . . . huh!

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  2. Dear Mr. Petcher, thank you for your series of monuments from A -Z. I like all of your contributions and I always enjoy reading it. It’s a pitty that you have now reached Z and the series ends at Z. But there is still hope: there are only river gods and no Zeus at the 4 rivers fountain. Well, these bearded guys all look the same, but luckily the photo shows the personification of the river Ganges (for Asia). So we’re only at G and I hope there is more of this series (H – Z). 😉

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  3. Of course, Zeus for Z….simples

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  4. An intriguing series comes to a fitting end

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  5. This magnificent Bernini statue has always left me frustrated from a photographic p.o.v. as I’ve never been happy with any pictures of it I’ve taken. Love the place and your image brings back happy memories of the gelateria just across from the statue, the sun, the thought of the evening meal and oh, everything, that goes to make up Rome and Italy. I clicked on the original post and am happy to tell readers that prices in Rome are nowadays (or were two years ago) much more reasonable and it’s possible to eat well in side street trattorias without breaking the bank.

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  6. zeus and that stick!)

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  7. I enjoyed this series. Thanks.

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  8. Probably my favourite piazza of all of Rome’s great squares, especially with the flower market just around the corner.

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  9. It has been a wonderful trip. I’m very annoyed that I missed many.

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