The Giant’s Causeway

An early start was essential today for two reasons.  We were visiting the Giant’s Causeway which is number one visitor attraction in Northern Ireland and gets very busy and secondly the weather forecast predicted a storm and heavy rain.

I have been to the Causeway before and wrote about it then and as nothing much as changed in sixty million years or so I will avoid repeating myself here.

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22 responses to “The Giant’s Causeway

  1. Good Causeway shots! I especially like no. 2.

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  2. Some great images, Andrew

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  3. another lava episode, Las Palmas will look like it soon!

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  4. It’s an amazing sight

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  5. It’s definitely on our list to see in person. We’ll get there one day hopefully.

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  6. I first heard of (saw) the geological feature here:

    . . . maybe I’ll get there someday.

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  7. Your photos are great, Andrew! Clearly this place is worth repeat visits, even with the 1 million others you have to share it with.

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