A to Z of Windows – D is for Dinan in France


We visited the charming town of Dinan in 2015.  I liked this window and flower display.  The red, white and blue capture the colours of the French Tricolor.

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16 responses to “A to Z of Windows – D is for Dinan in France

  1. Great selection of photos as always though I particularly liked the one of the old bike.

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  2. Such wonderful character in these old streets, Andrew!

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  3. Dinan is very quant town good for a long walk .I knew you like this town ….Cheers

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  4. I discern the work of two photographers in this splendid gallery

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  5. I love the musicians. And what are the chances of coming across a harpist out-of-doors?!

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  6. It looks well worth a visit, Andrew!


  7. These images are just gorgeous.


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