A to Z of Windows – I is for Iceland

These windows are the interior clock faces of Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral in Reykjavik.

Our purpose for visiting the cathedral was  to take the lift to the observation tower at the top of the seventy-three metre tall tower.  It cost 700 krona (about £3) and it was worth every one because from the top there were glorious uninterrupted views in all directions, to the sea in the west, the glaciers in the north, the islands in the south and the ragged coastline to the east and we stayed at the top for several minutes enjoying the views.

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15 responses to “A to Z of Windows – I is for Iceland

  1. I remember the photos of this window, but not in the post you linked.


  2. Ice = land have friends but not my cup of tea!!! and yes good to notice if pictures are older……update perhaps…


  3. Why is there a hand in every shot?


    • I should have asked that question myself and then I would have found this…

      The 9-ft diameter clocks align with the four major compass points: north, south, east, and west. The interior clock faces are made of translucent glass. In the central section, a connected series of photographic images, taken on Iceland’s Outer Ring road, depict a hand holding quotidian objects such as wires and glass shards which suggest by their placement physical and perhaps metaphoric alignments with the sun and the surrounding landscape.

      The images selected for the segmented windows surrounding each clock’s core reference early 20th century photographer Eadweard Muybridge’s sequenced action photographs of a conductor’s hands (also entitled Beating Time), and the evangelical basis of Hallgrimskirkja Lutheran doctrine. Giving a contemporary and real life aspect to the work will be the incorporation of photographed hands of the reverends and musical conductor of the church arranged to simulate the ‘conducting’ of the church’s must well known hymn by founder, Hallgrimur Peturssón.”

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  4. I booked my flight and trip heading to Iceland in September. I’ll be looking for Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral.

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