A to Z of Windows – J is for Jedburgh in Scotland

J is always a tough one so today I have gone for something different.  This is the circular window in the ruined Augustinian Abbey in the town of Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders.

Every year thirty or so members of my golf club go for a week away golfing in Scotland and after three years on the reserve list I finally got an invite in 2015.

Unfortunately the week prior to departure I entertained my three grandchildren and one of them left me a parting gift of a very heavy cold so when I set off one Sunday morning I was sniffing and sneezing and relying on cold relief capsules to help me through the journey north.

For all of the week I felt pretty awful but I played golf for four days but on Friday I woke to grey skies and persistent rain so on account of the fact that I was due to go on holiday to Wales a couple of days later and I didn’t want to get worse and spoil that I decided against putting on the leaking waterproofs and dragging myself around the fifth course of the week and thought that I might do a little bit of sightseeing instead.

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10 responses to “A to Z of Windows – J is for Jedburgh in Scotland

  1. My husband says it never rains on the golf course 😀. Beautiful ruins and not something we see often here in South Africa.


  2. Always nice to see castles even in ruins they look beautiful. Cheers

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  3. Wonderful old abbey


  4. A town I think I’ve only ever seen in the rain.


  5. Oh goodness, it’s a gorgeous old ruin. I particularly love the columns. That’s a long time to wait for a trip invite, and I would have gone with a cold as well.


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