A to Z of Windows – K is for Korcula in Croatia

The ferry docked efficiently just outside the medieval city and we drove the short distance to the old town and after a bit of parking confusion found a perfect spot just outside the harbour and we set off to explore.  Immediately it was obvious that Korčula isn’t very big and so, because we had all day there pencilled in for tomorrow, we decided not to do too much of it today.

We walked around the outside of the town and restricted ourselves to the main street that runs through the middle and then found a pizzeria with a table overlooking the sea and the Pelješac peninsular.  We choose a speciality pizza and the waiter asked if we wanted it cutting into six or eight slices, we said six because it was a big pizza and we didn’t think we could manage eight.

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11 responses to “A to Z of Windows – K is for Korcula in Croatia

  1. This memories of our time.there..so beautiful and thanks for sharing this.


  2. That pizza joke is always funny … sometimes the waiters catch it, other times they try to convince us it doesn’t matter in how many slices they cut it, it stays the same … and every time I look forward to the waiters’ reactions 😄.
    Really beautiful pictures you’ve got here!


  3. Wonderful sunset! I’d be happy to sit there.


  4. I rather stay with Modric ::)

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  5. A marvellous range of pics


  6. We really enjoyed our time on Korcula last year, in fact we ended up extending our stay. It also gave us an absolutely first rate thunderstorm! Trips to the peninsula and to Korcula vineyards were both really enjoyable excursions.


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