A to Z of Windows – L is for Lisbon

It was late afternoon and the heat was beginning to drain away into the deep shadows cast by the tall buildings and the sun was melting into the deep pools of shade in the doorways and courtyards so we enjoyed a walk to a shady park where we stopped for a beer and then took a stroll through the elegantly tiled but grotesquely graffiti scarred streets of the town.  I was shocked by the urban scrawl which some call art but I call vandalism.  I didn’t like it.

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12 responses to “A to Z of Windows – L is for Lisbon

  1. Goregous colours and very poetic description

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  2. Oh, hilly Lisbon! I remember how I complained about this when we walked up yet another hill and my husband said “you can’t complain about this … we will only start walking the Camino tomorrow and you will encounter more hills” … which was true.

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  3. Love that green door and old building, less fond of graffiti

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  4. Doh. I went straight to the full story before looking at this gallery, thus rendering part of my comments on there redundant – I do agree with you

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  5. Love that dilapidated building and the green door

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  6. Some of the art was interesting. Some were crap . . . but, that’s my opinion of ‘proper’ art as well.

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