Christmas Tales

As for most people Christmas was best when I was young and still believed in Santa Claus.  In those days we used to alternate between a Christmas at home one year and then at the grandparents the year after.  I can remember two of these quite clearly.

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15 responses to “Christmas Tales

  1. I always believe in Santa Claus and St Nick, and Pére Noël, its the spirit of Christmas!


  2. You have some really great memories from earlier Christmas days … I had to laugh at the train set that stopped working 😁. For us, a snowy Christmas only exists on postcards – here it is sun umbrellas and sun lotion against the fierce South African sun!!


  3. are you saying Santa isn’t real? ) happy Christmas to you and yours


  4. Happy Christmas Andrew, it’s really a time for children I think, unless you are religious. 🎉🎄✨


  5. Have a good one Andrew…see it through your grandchildren’s eyes…well, apart from the boozy bit.

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  6. Enjoyed your Christmas memories. Hope yesterday was memorable too.


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