A to Z of Windows – M is for Marrakech in Morocco

This was quite unlike anything I had ever seen or visited before and it was everything I had expected but more with a riot of colour and frenetic activity that was exciting and vibrant.

I have never taken mind altering drugs but I sort of imagine this would be what it is like.

My head was spinning and overflowing with new sights, sounds and sensations as we walked through the square in a northerly direction and eventually arrived at what most people concede is the biggest Souk in Africa and we slipped into the labyrinthine maze of covered but sun-dappled market streets

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13 responses to “A to Z of Windows – M is for Marrakech in Morocco

  1. Many years ago before blogging before France came to Casablanca from FL USA to see Boggie!!!

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  2. Ha- got me singing along already, Andrew! Don’t know if I’ve read this one- Marrakesh here I come!

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  3. Absolutely agree – everyone should experience Marrakech at least once. That square remains one of the most stimulating places we’ve ever been, anywhere in the world. Great experience.

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  4. Happy memories – in part. I got a nasty tummy bug there so missed most of it and I was so fearful of eating that the last two days were spent in hunger! I was young and foolish and not aware of food hygiene in some parts of the world in those days. But I do remember the colour.

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