Trees in Threes

I like these trees, I can’t explain why, I just do!

21 responses to “Trees in Threes

  1. I love them too and don’t know why!

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  2. I had one favourite hedgerow tree which I had photographed over the years. When it was entually removed it was like a death in the family!

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  3. Odd numbers of things are pleasing on the eye

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  4. They’re echoes of our ancestral Savannah home . . .

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  5. I share your live for trees.

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  6. No explanation required. I’d love them too, if they were my neighbours.

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  7. I do too! We’d better all move into your place?

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  8. And it is good to see them in a different light.

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  9. They have a rather singular shape, that sets them apart

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  10. Looks like the three trees are just meeting up with the two trees and having a great conversation, Andrew!

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  11. They are lovely. I like how they are positioned


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