Travels in Croatia, Krka National Park and the Skradinski Buk Falls

A few posts back I told you that I had not been bitterly disappointed to miss out on a waterfall trail in Yorkshire.  This is one of the reasons why…

I haven’t seen any of the world’s major falls such as the Angel Falls in Venezuela (the highest, and twenty times higher than Skradinski Buk), the Victoria Falls (claimed to be the largest in the world by volume) or the Niagara Falls (the widest in the world), but these were nevertheless really most exciting, probably better than the Aysgarth Falls in Yorkshire but not quite as spectacular as Gullfoss falls in Iceland, both of which I have been lucky enough to see.

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9 responses to “Travels in Croatia, Krka National Park and the Skradinski Buk Falls

  1. Most impressive, Andrew!


  2. These falls are outstanding! I did visit Niagara, and after having heard the hype all my life, it wasn’t the astonishing sight I was hoping to see. Later I saw the incredible Shoshone Falls in Idaho, and having never heard of them before, and stumbling into the park purely by accident, my mind was blown! I decided that less fame makes a waterfall more beautiful.


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