A to Z of Windows – R is for Riga in Latvia

I know that with the lowest average wage it is officially the poorest country in the EU, and for that reason tens of thousands of Latvians have left for England where they can earn as much in a week as they earn in a month back home but this place was lively and vibrant, the food was excellent and inexpensive, and the customers seemed affluent and happy.

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8 responses to “A to Z of Windows – R is for Riga in Latvia

  1. We’ve enjoyed all of our trips to the Baltic states, having now been to the capital of all three. Riga was where we did the bobsleigh run.


  2. We somehow missed Riga out in our travels and I’ve always regretted it but at least it’s in Europe so that can still be remedied. I’ve been reading the comments with interest.


  3. And look at all that art! That window shot is great, the colours as well as the mysterious tiny pane, that makes it asymmetrical.


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