A to Z of Windows – R is for Rocamadour in France

It was quiet today because this was October and outside the main tourist season but the summer months bring thousands of visitors to this place daily.  Years later I visited Carcassonne and Mont St Michel and found them rather similar in a touristy sort of way.

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6 responses to “A to Z of Windows – R is for Rocamadour in France

  1. Of course tourists come just like you ,no wonder they are still very popular places ::)

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  2. I remember reading somewhere that Rocomadour was the original tourist trap. It existed only because of its strategic location on the Santiago trail. Personally I liked it there. It is a beautiful location. We stayed in the town itself for a few days back in 2001. It was definitely more enjoyable in early morning or evening, once the day trippers we’re gone.

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